Bringing together Churches and Mission Agencies

 The Rural Evangelism Network exists to encourage good practise in evangelising the rural communities of the United Kingdom by sharing with one another our understanding and experience of what is appropriate and strategies and processes that have proved to be effective.  We do this through regular consultations, conferences, publications, and on the Internet.  The Network’s membership is drawn from across the Churches with rural presence and mission agencies active in rural evangelism.


The rural communities of the United Kingdom provide one of the most challenging contexts for mission today.  Almost one person in six in the UK lives in a rural community of less than 5,000, with most of these living in villages of 1,000 or fewer.


No two villages are exactly alike, and many of our villages have changed significantly over recent years.  To help Christians and churches in the rural areas discover how to share their faith in ways that are appropriate and sustainable the Network draws together the country's key researchers, writers, teachers and practitioners to share their knowledge through conferences, seminars, publications, and here on this website. 


Please take a look around - especially our "Knowledge Exchange" section, and let us know how we can help you.



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