From time to time organisations active in rural evangelism in other countries contact us.  While we are always pleased to hear from you you should note please:


  1. Rural Britain is unique in the world in that we have inward migration from cities and towns.  Rural Britain is VERY different to rural areas in countries in what are usually referred to as developing countries.  The conferences we hold and our publications are unlikely to be relevent to anyone outside Europe and North America.
  2. The Network for Rural Evangelism is a UK membership body only.  We do not have any work in other countries nor can we allow those from other countries into membership.
  3. We do not hold monies to help other organisations whether they are in the UK or elsewhere.  We regret to say that we are unable to help any organisation financially no matter how deserving.
Any enquiries for membership or support are likely not to be answwered, though our hearts desire is that throughout the world the people of rural areas - so often marginalised in mission and evangelism - might experience God's saving grace.