Since the work of this Network was set up in 1982 we have felt that it would be unhelpful to our aims to define the Network in doctrinal or theological terms.  Some of our members would define themselves as "evangelical", but that is a word that has many meanings these days.  Our members that are Churches generally have a variety of different emphases among them, catholic, evangelical, liberal, charismatic, etc.


Our common ground is a trinitarian understanding of the one God. A belief in the unique nature of Jesus Christ as being at the same time fully divine and fully human.  We note that the gospel (good news) that Jesus proclaimed was about the kingdom of God, and that following the death and resurrection of Jesus the gospel is also identified with the saving work of God by grace, in which the cross becomes the basis of atonement and reconciliation.


We believe that Christians have good news to share.  We believe that this news is life changing and that God's transforming grace and power is both a gift to the Church and through the Church into society.  Some of our members would strongly emphasise the personal nature of salvation, while others might emphasise the corporate and community aspect.


We seek to learn from one another and together to proclaim the good news and encourage others to do so in ways that are appropriate within the rural communities of the United Kingdom.


We also see evangelism (the telling of good news) as one part of God's mission (missio Dei) and know that it is always more effective where other aspects of mission (care and nurture of believers, tending the needy, acting for justice and responsible care of God's world) are also manifest within the life of the churches.