This page is under construction.  Please return soon.


There are two aspects to this section.  


1.  As we approach key times in the year, such as Chriostmas, we will add a subsection specifically containing ideas and links to resouirces.  These sub-pages will be updated regularly.


Ideas for Christmas has already been aded ready for new ideas and links.  Last year we had some very helpful information.  Email your good ideas and resources to us please.


2. As part of the Regional Consulations we have been conducting around the country Gordon Banks developed a useful presentation helping churches to reflect on both the chhurch calendar and the natural seasons and how missional activity can then be developed to fit with these.


On every occasion this presentation was included people found it very helpful.


We will be providing more informatiuon about this very soon.  We also hope to provide a dowloadable DVD and a PowerPoint presentation with notes.