Tailored Mission Strategies is an approach to rural mission and evangelism developed by Rural Mission Solutions (formerly Rural Sunrise).  This organisation emphasises the importance of the local church within God's mission. 


The theological basis is that the since the God of Mission is God in community (the trinity), his mission should also have a community dimension.  Each local church should be both sign and servant of the kingdom.  As his handiwork each church should reflect God's character which includes his love for all and longing that all would come into a relationship with him.


As part of holistic mission (e.g. the five marks of mission) evangelism is a crucial aspect and the telling of the message should be high on the agenda of every church.  Yet not all have the gift of evangelist.  In fact research suggests only one in ten has that gift.  God gives different gifts to his Church and these should be mutually used within his mission.


It follows that if each individual Christian has a unique part to play in God's mission then each local church (as a combination of people uniquely chosen and equipped for ministry and mission) has a unique role too.


Tailored Mission Strategies involves a process that explores how what God has set in the local church relates to the opportunities and needs in the immediate locality.  It is a careful participative process the outcome of which should be strategies that fit the local situation and a style with which the local church will feel confident.


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