Each year many thousands of tourists and other visitors come into our churches at other times than when services are held.  Of particular interest are medieval church buildings.  What will they find when they come?  Will the church be unlocked?  Will there be helpful informative literature (hopefully not dog-eared and damp)?  Is the only information about the building and its history or will they find evidence and information about the living congregation and life of the church?


Such visits provide an ideal evangelistic opportunity and there are resources that will help you make the most of each visit.


Lifewords have produced an attractive quality set of prayer cards for you to use on your bookstall.  These are modestly priced.  They can be ordered from Lifewords by clicking here.  Another attrractive booklet that you might find useful is "Look around You".


Deo Gloria produce other useful literature resources.   Also, if you are planning something special and expect a good number of visitors Deo Gloria also have special banners you can hire to add value to the visit.  Click here for more details.


Open for You is a book on good practice when it comes to church visitors.  This is available from Cathedral Press.  You will find information on our Resources Page.


The Diocese of Leicester has partnered with the local tourism office and produced a very attractive leaflet.  This links 10 county visitor sites with ten local churches that rae open to visitors.  Complementary information is available both at the church and the secular site.  For more information click here.  You might also like to take a look at