You will find a number of free articles that you can download from this website under the Knowledge Exchange section.


In addition we are please to recommend the following publications:

Country Way

This high quality magazine is a great source of information, ideas and inspiration for rural churches and Christians.  It is published three times a year by the Arthur Rank Centre and is a collaborative publication with REN as one of the partners.


Annual subscription is £9 inclusive of posting.


Every rural church should have at least one copy (probably several) and they make excellent presents.  There is nothing in the market to match it.  Send for a sample copy or subscribe straight away direct at the Arthur Rank Centre.

Children's Work Training Manual  

£12.00 plus £1.00 p&p

This book by Monica Cook is a ditillation of her extensive and fruitful experience.  Monica has specialised in working with children and young families in rural areas so she produces ideas that work.


This is a comprehensive publication that is now being translated into other languages.  If you are involved in rural children's ministry you are sure to want this on your shelf. Go to Order Form.

Key to Effective Rural Evangelism  

£3.00 plus £1.00 p&p

Barry Osborne looks back over some 200 special outreach mission in various villages and for various churches.  He asks why some events in one location were markedly successful while in other locations they were not.  He carefully explores various aspects and shares engaging (and sometimes amusing) anecdotes to illustrate his findings.

Originally published in 1992 this remains a valuable source of knowledge.

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Faith in the Countryside  £7.99 plus p&p

Twenty years on from the publication of ACORA's excellent and seminal report Faith in the Countryside this book borrows the original title to reflect on the situation in rural Britain in 2010 as experienced by Declan Flannagan, CEO of Rural Ministries.


Not to be confused with the orignial but still a helpful read.  You can order this direct from Rural Ministries.

Rural Evangelism in the 21st Century  

£3.95 plus 50p p&p

This book published by Grove Books as part of their evangelism series follows up on Barry Osborne's previous book, the Key to Effective Rural Evangelism.  Grove Books are designed to be easilly assimilated but that is always a challenge to an author who has much that is helpful to say.

The publishers comment "This booklet offers practical strategies, but ones that spring from a deep understanding of rural communities."

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Other useful titles

There are a series of booklets produced by Sunrise Ministries, each available for £1.00 plus 50p p&p.

  • Church Growth in Rural Areas
  • Rural Church Planting
  • Introduction to Story Telling
  • Village & Church Appraisals

Prayer £5.00 plus £1.00 p&p

Part of the Children's Work Series this publication arises from Monica Cook's experience in running Prayer Days for Children.  Often gathering two or three dozen children at the Ashburnham Christian Conference Centre, Monica used imaginative ideas to address the subject of prayer.

This is a marvelous resource and strategy for helping children develop their pewrsonal relationship with God.


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Rural Ministry Induction Courses are offered periodically by the Arthur Rank Centre and are ideal for people coming into Rural Ministry for the first time.


Rural Mission Modules for Theological Colleges are offered by Barry Osborne through Rural Mission Solutions.  Barry has provided such modules for Westminster College, Cambridge; Wycliffe Hall, Oxford; Regents Park Baptist College, Oxford; Trinity Theological Collge, Bristol; Bristol Baptist College; Spurgeon's College, London and others.


Rural Mission Envisioning Days are run by Rural Mission Solutions for individual churches, benefices and deaeries, etc.